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we think these are alright, hopefully you think they're alright too.
thank you to everyone who has supported us thus far :-)


released May 14, 2017

seth - bass/vox/coolguy
owen - guitar/vox
spencer - percussion/vox/production



all rights reserved


Triple Backflip Committee Maryland

three fellas making music.

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Track Name: Phoebe [DEMO]
your dark hair replaced by silver string
how could this happen to such a beautiful thing
and i want you to know you're the reason that i sing
i just wanted to show everybody everything

PHOEBE like a broken down bike
and if we were the same i think you'd say
"we look quite alike"
if you could see me and you know that i'm real
then you could do away with love
and all the feelings you fear
and you'll be running your way back home

when you were young
you used to laugh inside my head
but time is moving and your limping on your leg
some things so beautiful they have to lose their light
what good is beauty if you haven't got your sight
and i want you to know
you're the reason that i weep
how dumb did i look when i realized
beauty is only skin deep

and i guess i feel guilty
because i left when you needed me
and your hair is so filthy
but the world should be black and white
because that's all you can see
Track Name: Man Opener [DEMO]
i wish i could write good times
when i walk outside

don't you try
to put a finger on me
you say i'm an optimist
but im just the opposite

coming to grips with yourself
isn't a team sport
and you've been riding the bench
the whole fucking time

Track Name: Stuck In A Tree [DEMO]
this dog is angry at me
he's barking me up a tree
i'm looking at falling leaves
but he's still stuck on a leash

so take a good look at me
and everything i could be
but im just stuck in this corner
of my mind

stuck in one place and i know i'm recessive
stuck behind gates and i ask myself questions
do i exist and if so am i worth it
living my life with these blessings and curses
Track Name: From NASA With Love [DEMO]
you and i are two astronauts
on an impossible quest
lately i get dizzy
because i'm spinning in my head
lately i've been feeling
and that feels so very strange
what's the use in feeling when you're
stuck in outer space

did you ever even know me
did you ever even care
sunlight's fingers through your hair

what can i say
to make you more responsive
what can i say
to make you feel right

burning up in stratosphere
i always wonder
if we were destined for greatness
burning in your atmosphere
could i capture
the stars that i'm chasing